I’m having to do a bit of a catch-up post. I let the days slip away last week without doing a blog post, so here’s pictures from that week as well as from this past week. Two weeks ago, I took the kids up to New Braunfels to go to the children’s museum. Joseph has aged out of it, but it was still fun for Abigail (and Joseph stuck it out for her). We also made a stop at Buc-ee’s, so that made it worth Joseph’s while. 😉 The rest of the pictures are of us squeezing the last bit of summer in. The kids still have three weeks of vacation, but my month is pretty packed with trainings, PD days, and setting up my new room. The summer is swiftly flying by!

So much awesome in one little package…
Outside the museum. I like that it’s a smaller one than the one in San Antonio (the Doseum), but Joseph might like the Doseum better…I think it has a bigger range of things (he’s been once on a field trip, but the rest of us haven’t). This one is really geared toward the younger crowd.
Getting ready to play an operation game. The lights would light up if you touched the sides of the part where you were trying to get the object out.
Joseph was trying really hard not to touch the sides…
…while Abigail had a much more…gung-ho approach. 🙂
She loved taking care of all the babies in the hospital nursery.
In a playhouse.
Patient older brother…
“Welcome to the pirate restaurant…we sell food that pirates like to eat.”
Trying out a drum.
When she pushed down on the button, it made a stream of water bubble up like a fountain.
Getting ready for outerspace!
She loved this art area. They let the kids take home their creations.
Abigail insisted on being the jumping astronaut…Joseph was less than thrilled to have to hunch down for the picture, but he does a lot for his little sister.
Buc-ee’s always makes everybody perk up.
I added a new shirt to my collection.
A friend suggested this book and it was such a fun, quick read. It’s about the beginnings of Jack and Sally’s marriage, but it’s more of a mystery (with a problem to be solved) than being the typical “after the wedding” book. I really enjoyed it!
I got the hankering for rice pudding…well, arroz con leche to be more exact. I looked up the ingredients and it was way easier than I realized to make. First, simmer some uncooked rice with cinnamon sticks.
The other ingredients: milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk.
After the rice simmers for a bit, drain it and pick out the cinnamon sticks. Next time I’m going to scoop out the cinnamon sticks before draining out the water (since they float). It was a bit time-consuming getting all the little bits and pieces of cinnamon sticks out after the fact.
Pour the three milks in with the rice and stir, stir, stir (so the milk doesn’t scald) until it’s nice and thickened up.
Top with ground cinnamon, chill, and then…
The pumpkin plant really is getting a little overbearing, haha. This tomato plant is trying to hold its own, though.
The pumpkin plant is growing out of the ground right to the left of these two closest pots. It decided to go up and over on this closer side and then all the way down the side yard on the further side. It actually started growing up over the other plants over there and I was having none of that. I untangled them (the pumpkin plant had wrapped several of its little curls around the other plant in various places…uh, rude!) and turned the vine back on itself. Hopefully it’ll keep going the direction I turned it. I’m keeping a closer eye on it.
New school year means…a new school planner! I needed to pick it up now because I needed to already start filling in a ton of things for August. Whoever thinks teachers have the entire summer off…is sorely mistaken. I did have quite a bit of time off, but it definitely isn’t going to be the full three months. That, and teachers spend so much time before and after school doing things…we need that time off to avoid burnout, haha.
I want to set up an area in my classroom (I’m going to call it the chill zone) where a student can go if they feel sad, frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed. It’ll have a cushion they can sit on and a basket full of sensory toys that they can play with while regulating their emotions. Abigail found the fillers for the basket. She loves, loves, loves sensory toys (I mean, what kid doesn’t, really?). She said, “It’s really unfortunate that these toys are for your students Mom, I really want to play with them.” I made her feel better by reminding her that she would get to hang out in my room after school most days, so she could play with them then.
I picked up new clothes for the kids and Abigail felt the need for a fashion show. Here she is with her unicorn glasses…
…and her favorite orange glasses from the dentist…
…and then she wanted what she called a “normal” one so that people could “see her face”. I love this kid!
I decided I needed one more teacher shirt and landed on this one. I love the show Friends, so I couldn’t pass this shirt by (it’s designed like the Friends logo and part of the lyrics for the opening song of the show is “I’ll be there for you”).
We squeezed in one last park day (it’s been soooooo hot). We got there about 9AM and were ready to leave by 9:45.

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