Where Are My Ruby Slippers?!

Weekly Happenings: This week started off with a bang. Sunday evening, both my phone and Paul’s phone went off with an emergency alert. The only one that we have activated is tornado warnings, so we checked and sure enough, there was a tornado warning for our area. The National Weather Service had caught the rotation […]


Weekly Happenings: It was another typical week in the Darr household. Paul worked from home, I kept busy keeping on top of Joseph’s schoolwork, Joseph DID his schoolwork, and Abigail destroyed the toy room on a daily basis (I wish I was kidding, but every time I stepped out of Joseph’s room after helping him […]

Crash! Bang! Boom!

Weekly Happenings: Another week of school from home, mask-wearing while shopping, running the kids ragged in the back yard so they will hopefully go to sleep at a decent time, trying not to go stir-crazy while in the house, running little errands to maintain personal sanity, and the like. The Weekly Weather: We’ve had a […]