A Chill Week

This past week was a pretty typical week for the end of January. It’s hard to believe that we’re only a couple of days away from February. We didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary (it’s kind of hard to squeeze in fun stuff when we’ve got school, work, church stuff, and the like […]

An Interesting Week

This past week was rather interesting. We had Monday off (for Martin Luther King Jr. Day), which was nice. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday were normal days. Thursday, however, was interesting in the fact that school was canceled because of super-low temperatures and predicted bad weather. The bad weather missed us (thank goodness…I really don’t like […]

Another Week and a Fun Couple of Projects

The majority of this week was pretty typical. One funny thing: on occasion, if Abigail is finally sitting still and doing something quietly, Joseph will walk up to her and see if he can get her to do something fun or silly with him. This is normally not a problem until he recognizes the correct […]