Another Week and a Fun Couple of Projects

The majority of this week was pretty typical. One funny thing: on occasion, if Abigail is finally sitting still and doing something quietly, Joseph will walk up to her and see if he can get her to do something fun or silly with him. This is normally not a problem until he recognizes the correct […]

Easing Back Into Real Life

This past week was our first full week back after vacation. I kind of feel like we were cheated by Mother Nature a bit, though…while we were in California, the weather at home was gorgeous (sunny, warm) and the weather in California was cold and rainy (luckily there were some sunny days mixed in, but […]

Photo Dump: Abigail’s Birthday, Christmas, and Family Fun

Strap in for a lot pictures. A lot has happened in the last little bit. We celebrated Abigail’s fifth birthday and then the next day, we left for California to spend Christmas at my mom’s house. Three of my siblings (Kevin, Dave, and Gary) and their spouses (Rita, Jolee, and Lorna) were able to come […]