Momma’s Day and Dinos Galore

Weekly Happenings: This past week included Mother’s Day. Paul and Joseph made me breakfast, I got sweet presents, and I got to enjoy a great lesson in Relief Society. Mid-week was pretty normal. Yesterday, we scooted out to the zoo and found that they were getting ready for the dinosaur exhibit, which is due to […]

Middle of May

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty average. We sort of just plugged along, doing our normal thing. Friday, Abigail and I met up with Paul to attend his annual work picnic (Joseph stayed in school, which was probably more fun for him…there aren’t really any kids there since it’s always in the middle of […]

Cousins and Other Fun Things

Weekly Happenings: This past weekend, we had the pleasure of having my nephew and his family stop by while they were in town. We had a really nice visit and Joseph was ecstatic that there were kids to play with. The rest of the week went pretty much as planned and then just this morning […]