Nineteen Years, One Week, and a Couple of Outside Friends

This week was a momentous one. Not only was it the first week of school (and Abigail’s first time at school), it also contained our nineteenth wedding anniversary! It seems almost surreal when I realize we’ve been married practically twenty years. We celebrated by having a lunch date while the kids were at school. That […]

The Final Countdown

We’ve survived another summer vacation! We’re in the middle of the last weekend before school starts on Monday. I can hardly believe it’s already here! We made the best of the last week of vacation and scooted over to the zoo for one last mid-week visit. Some kids are already back in school, so it […]

Time is Just Zooming By!

It seems like I blinked once and half of August was gone. We haven’t been doing too much outside because the weather has finally started acting like August. 😉 The mornings have been relatively cool-ish (in the low 80s), so that’s when we really try to get out and do stuff (after dousing ourselves in […]