An Evening Visitor

This week was pretty busy for all of us. The kids had school and church activities, I had work (progress reports are coming up, so I was making sure all my grades were in on top of all the other things I needed to do), and so did Paul (work always keeps him pretty busy). […]

Mother Nature Finally Figured It Out

This past week, Mother Nature finally figured out that it’s January. She did go a bit overboard, though. Monday was a holiday, thank goodness. We stayed home all day (except when I decided I really wanted tacos and fideo, so I braved the below-freezing temps to go get it) and just hung out. Tuesday was […]

A Bunch of Busy Bees

This past week was pretty typical. When school is in session, we’re all pretty busy (Paul is busy all the time). I try my hardest to work hard through the week so that I don’t have to do any work on Sundays. It means a lot for the rest of the week, but making Sunday […]