And Just Like That…

…summer is over and school has begun. Abigail is in kindergarten full-day (and her teacher is going to be amazingly perfect for her) and Joseph is in fifth grade (which is the last grade of elementary school). I was doing the math and realized that this will be the last year that they are ever […]

On Top of the World

This past week had a pretty typical start to it, but I wanted to squeeze in one more fun thing with the kids before school starts on Monday. We drove downtown to Hemisfair Park to play and then walked over to the Tower of the Americas, which is the tallest building in San Antonio. We […]

A Big Accomplishment

This past week the kids had their last week of swim lessons. Neither of them had any experience swimming prior to these lessons and they both progressed a ton. Abigail even got to the point where she didn’t want to leave the pool at the end of her lesson (when she started, it was reversed) […]