Four More Days

Weekly Happenings: It’s crazy to think that there are only four more days until Christmas! It has definitely been fun watching Joseph enjoy the holiday season. He loves turning the Christmas tree lights on each morning, switching the day on the Santa countdown, and taking a link off of the “countdown to Grandma and Grandpa” […]

Christmas is Coming!

Weekly Happenings: We’re getting ready (and very excited) to see family soon. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away! Because of knowing that we are going to be extremely busy during the time between Christmas and New Years’, I’ve been trying to keep everything pretty low-key right now. Consequently, not […]

A Crazy Fun Saturday

Weekly Happenings: I tweaked my back picking Joseph up last Sunday, so our week was pretty laid back. We more than made up for it yesterday, though. We went out to the BX so that Paul could get a new wallet (his first new one in about 10 years), then we went to the zoo, […]