Officially Official

Well, things in the workforce for me have escalated. My one-year certification application was processed faster than I was anticipating, so I was able to actually meet with HR at the end of this last week and I signed my contract. I’m officially a fifth grade teacher! I still need to take three tests in […]

Love Day and SUCH a Big Helper!

This past week was pretty typical when one considers our new normal. I’m getting settled in my classroom and slowly getting more used to the workload (and all. the. technology.). This past week held Valentine’s Day, which was fun at school (with the kids getting to exchange Valentines and me getting goodies from staff and […]

Officially Tired but Unofficially Hired

This past week was pretty normal for what is our new normal. The only thing that was crazy was that I was having a real challenge getting the info I needed from TEA (Texas Education Agency) in one condensed message. I finally (with the help of Paul who was able to provide me with what […]