A Bit of…Refinement

Weekly Happenings: This was another low-key week. We pretty much all just did what we normally do. It’s crazy to think that we’re almost into August. The summer is just flying by! The Weekly Weather: Warm, sunny, and humid. We had some rumblings of a storm, but it didn’t develop into anything. What Paul’s Been […]

A Mild Case of the Crazies

Weekly Happenings: I think that we’ve hit the wall with summer, haha. We’re roughly halfway through summer vacation and it is showing. The kids are getting a bit stir crazy from not being on our normal schedule (and, admittedly, I am, too). We also need to factor in the fact that Abigail’s sleep habits have […]

Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: We really soaked in summer this past week. We had play dates, played around the house, went for a dip in our pool this morning, and basically had a relatively lazy week. I cherish these times because it provides us with a nice breather from the busier weeks. The Weekly Weather: It’s been […]