Superhero Rescue

Weekly Happenings: The beginning of the week was pretty average. Paul got off of work early on Friday because it was a holiday in San Antonio (The Battle of Flowers parade which was started a long time ago to recognize the heroes of the Alamo, along with Fiesta, which is a 10-day celebration that was […]

Quick Update and a Picture Overload

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty regular. We were mainly gearing up for the big Easter celebrations over the weekend. There was an egg hunt at church (I love that the sports field is completely fenced, by the way) which Joseph kept calling an egg search, and then family and friend time today (we […]

New Friends

This past week was pretty average: piano students (I’m getting two more starting this week…yay!), grocery shopping, house-cleaning, etc. We are getting to know our new neighbors (they finally built a house next to us where there was the empty field, so that will hopefully mean fewer bugs since there won’t be a bunch of […]