And the Skies Opened Up

This past week held some interesting weather: it was muggy, overcast, and just…blah for most of the week. Then on Thursday, we had a craaaaaazy couple of storms come through. We got more rain than the ground knew what to do with. Friday morning was interesting. The school had power, but no Internet or phones. […]

Field Trips and Early Fiesta

This week had some fun events for me and the kids. I got to take my students (and Joseph, kinda…it’s convenient that he’s in the same grade that I’m teaching) to the Natural Bridge Caverns. It’s called Natural Bridge because there was one point where a sinkhole opened up and rocks and soil collapsed, leaving […]

I Actually Took Pictures!

Life has been craaaazy lately. I’ve been so busy with work, kids, and life in general (did I mention I have another big test in about four weeks? Yeah…I need to start studying for that) that my phone hasn’t been out a whole lot. I did want to document our fun Easter weekend, though. It […]