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I kind of fell off the blog post wagon. We haven’t even been all that busy…I think I just got out of my regular routine with it being summer and I didn’t think to upload any pictures I’ve taken. The result is a catch-up post like this which is going to be a brief overview of what we’ve been doing for the last month or so (yeesh…it HAS been a long time)…from garden updates, to swim lessons, to other summer activities, to me just realizing that I do not have a single photo of Joseph in the entire bunch of these. He’s pretty much in teenage-mode (he’s just got two more months before he turns 13) and I feel like I hardly see him during the day. Abigail is still in full-on little kid-mode and wants me to entertain her throughout the day. We’re…finding a happy medium since I think she also needs to be able to find ways to entertain herself at least some of the time. Life is going to get crazy again about the second week of August when I go back to work for that week before school officially starts, so Momma needs a bit of a break!

This was our pumpkin plant about mid-June. I was amazed at how big it had gotten. Well, just wait. 🙂
Tomatoes from one of our plants. Abigail noticed me taking a picture of them and immediately begged to eat them.
A summertime rite of passage: ice cream truck ice cream.
Those lips…
…and teeth! 😀
She went to Primary day camp and got to meet a Book of Mormon hero. She was just a little excited.
She heard a mosquito had gotten into the house.
Our tomatoes and pepper plants. We’re trying the greenhouses to see if we can cut back on rats/mice getting the veggies.
Cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes.
Regular bell peppers and gypsy bell peppers.
Summertime means actually having time to bake!
It also means getting to light a candle and sit with my feet up for a bit.
Swim lessons!
Learning leg kicks.
She complained about the chlorine hurting her eyes, so we got her some goggles. They were a game changer! She started making so much more progress once she was no longer worried about getting water in her eyes.
Just relaxing a bit in the big bed.
Working on gliding and scooping.
Grabbing the edge.
Kick board time!
It’s getting bigger! I should take another picture of it. It’s almost filled up this entire area now and has sent a vine up and trying to get over the fence in the back.
She used some saved-up allowance to buy a stuffed lamb.
She just might have some tomatoes in her mouth. 😀
Pushing off from her teacher to glide to the edge.
Coming up for air.
It looks like a grasshopper, but it’s actually a type of cricket.
I got her this shirt at Buc-ee’s (Joseph and I went while she was at summer school).
She loves that it has a hood.
This stuff is so good!
Practicing her kicks and scoops.
New water bottle means new stickers.
I think the over thinking one is my favorite…or is it? 😉
Abigail said she wanted to sign her name in a fancy way. This is her version of cursive.
Last swim lesson included learning how to get out of the pool if you aren’t near any steps. It’s hard work!
She made it, though!
We have a ton of doves that are always grateful for the little birds who knock bird seed down into the grass.
I finally pulled out my planner for next year…I have a few trainings this month and I don’t want to lose track of the days. I set it on my desk pad and realized I totally have a thing for floral print on a black background. 🙂

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