I Really…*achoo! hack…cough, sniff!*…Love Spring

Weekly Happenings: We played outside as much as we could, since the weather has been beautiful. There have been playdates at the park, playing in the backyard, Joseph has been riding his bike around the block as we walk along beside him (as much as changing times messes with my head, I do love that […]

Spring is REALLY Here

Weekly Happenings: This past week we officially welcomed spring…with almost the entire week being rainy, hahaha. We didn’t really do too much outside of the house, consequently. We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by having shepherd’s pie. Paul took this past Thursday off in order to get some stuff done in the yard (he was going […]

It’s Spring!

Weekly Happenings: Well, I know it won’t officially be spring until later this month, but the weather we’re having sure makes it feel like it is. I was able to take Joseph to the park three times this past week (he was beside himself because of it). Tuesday, I was able to take Joseph downtown […]