Humidity…is Not My Friend

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty uneventful. The weather has been really hot and humid, so we’ve been trying to do stuff inside. We did end up going to the zoo on Saturday, but since we have passes, we were fine with only going for a couple of hours. The Weekly Weather: As mentioned […]

A Rip-Snorter of a Storm & a Classy-Looking Table

Weekly Happenings: We had a pretty low-key week. Most of our stuff happened during the weekend. 🙂 The Weekly Weather: It was pretty mild with the exception of Thursday night. We had quite a storm come through. Joseph slept through the heaviest of the rain, but woke up during the crazy thunder and lightning. He […]

A Fun Week

Weekly Happenings: Paul took this past Monday off, so we decided to go to the zoo and also the Japanese Tea Gardens. I’m glad we had that fun day, because it made it easier to take the rest of the week easy. 🙂 On Thursday, we had some friends over for dinner, who have a […]