Bubble Fun

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a blessedly slow one. I was still recovering from a cold, so I was grateful for the extra opportunity to rest. The title for this post comes from literally one evening where I brought the bubbles out and turned the kids loose in the back yard to chase them. […]

Momma’s Day

Weekly Happenings: This week started off with Mother’s Day. I started the day off rather early because Abigail hadn’t slept well the night before. We had a regular breakfast since we had 9:00 church, but Paul handled lunch and dinner, which was a nice break. I got a new casserole dish (enameled cast iron) and […]

Some One-on-One Time

Weekly Happenings: Most of this week was pretty typical. Today was fun, though. Paul and I kind of divided and conquered. He took Joseph to see a movie (Detective Pikachu) and I took Abigail to the zoo. Much fun was had by all. 🙂 The Weekly Weather: The sun has shown its face a few […]