Fun Times, Discoveries, and Improvements Abound

This past week was full of fun times (mainly for the kids who enjoyed their last full week of school thanks to fun activities planned by their teachers…they have Monday off for Memorial Day and then only have three days of school left after that), fun discoveries (of the insect and reptile variety), and fun […]


I had several peek-a-boo moments pop up in my pictures this past week. I’ve been trying to be more observant of little things around me and it’s been nice to slow down and take a look around. The kids have been enjoying fun activities at school as the school year is starting to wrap up […]

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

With all of the crazy things happening all around the globe, it’s easy to get downtrodden. It’s easy to feel despair. It’s easy to feel like it all hope is gone. I caught myself feeling a little down, but this last week’s Come Follow Me (which is a spiritual lesson manual for my church) lesson […]