Hey, I’m on a Roll!!

Hey! I’m actually making a post a week after my last one. I’m on a roll, haha. Our adventures this week included the beginning of band camp for Joseph, phonics practice for Abigail, and finally organizing Abigail’s room and the loft. We all survived and even had fun. 🙂  

4th of July and More

Well, it seems like I’m not getting better at remembering to post weekly. I think it’s because we are completely off our normal schedule. So…here are pictures from 4th of July and the time after that, up until now. We spent 4th of July at home, which was so nice. We just had a relaxing […]

Well, It’s Been a While

Log Out I kind of fell off the blog post wagon. We haven’t even been all that busy…I think I just got out of my regular routine with it being summer and I didn’t think to upload any pictures I’ve taken. The result is a catch-up post like this which is going to be a […]