An Eclipse and Some Fun Family Time

I skipped last week because I didn’t take any pictures! I more than made up for it this week. Not only did we get to experience the solar eclipse, but we’ve had my sister Alice here visiting and we got a bonus visit one day from my brother Kevin and his wife Rita. Friday night, […]

First (and Hopefully Last) Broken Something

Well, this past week held a rather eventful…event. On Tuesday, Joseph was out practicing on his friend’s skateboard and fell. He came in saying his arm hurt. When he pointed to the center of his arm, Paul scrounged up his old splint from the Army, fashioned a sling to hold Joseph’s arm in place, and […]

A Nice Week Back

This past week was a bit of an adjustment for some of us. It was a bit hard getting up early again. It was a pretty good week, though. Paul and I even squeezed in a date night with friends to go see the comedian, Jim Gaffigan. It was a pretty funny show with bits […]