Park Fun

Weekly Happenings: The weather this past week was rather mild, so we took full advantage. On Tuesday, I didn’t have piano students, so after school I took the kids to the park. We were there for almost two hours and the kids had a blast. Then, on Thursday morning, I took Abigail back for a […]

Christmas is Coming!

Weekly Happenings: We have had a wonderful week off. We celebrated Thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas, and have had a lot of family time. It’s going to be hard to go back to normal tomorrow, but at least we only have three weeks until Christmas hits. The Weekly Weather: It’s been a real mixed-bag. Not too […]

Bonus Blog Post: Zoo Lights 2019

So, we decided to head out to the zoo tonight to check out the zoo lights. I was a bit worried that it would be crazy-crowded, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It was actually the smallest turnout that we’ve ever seen, I think. We were ecstatic about that, haha. We much prefer it that way. We […]