Spring Fun

Weekly Happenings: It seems we’ve settled into spring. The weather is warmer, so it’s easier to do things. Most of the week was pretty average. I did have my friend bring her kids over yesterday for a play date in the morning (since the older kids had school off because of Good Friday). The kids […]

Another “Firsts” Week

Weekly Happenings: The beginning of this week was pretty average. It wasn’t until the end of the week that we did some fun things (an egg hunt in the rain and haircuts for both kids to be specific). The Weekly Weather: It’s been warm and dry until this morning when it decided to start raining […]

Best Buddies

Weekly Happenings: This was another week without anything too out of the ordinary happening. While not too eventful, it did give me the opportunity to observe just how close Joseph and Abigail have gotten. They are really building a close relationship. I know it won’t be always like this (especially as we approach the teen […]