Time’s Just a’Flyin’

Weekly Happenings: This week just flew by! Monday was a holiday, which is probably what made the rest of the week seem like it went by so fast. We didn’t really do too much out of the ordinary. Joseph did participate in his school’s annual fun run (a fundraiser) which he enjoyed doing with his […]

A Girls’ Day and Some Family Fun

Weekly Happenings: A couple of fun things happened this week. One fun thing was that I got to go to Waco for the day with a friend of mine from college who was in town. Paul was able to stay home from work and take care of the kids. It was so much fun! Another […]

Bring on the Spooks!

Weekly Happenings: I am so excited that it’s October. I love the approach of the holiday season, I love that the weather is finally starting to cool down, and I love Halloween and all the fun things associated with it. I added the Halloween decorations to the fall ones that I already had out and […]