A Week of No Adventures in Parenting

Thankfully we’ve had no (major) adventures in parenting this week. There have been no stitches or cut tongues, and no new illnesses that needed antibiotics. The only minor (funny) thing was that this morning I was changing his diaper and didn’t cover him up (I haven’t had to for almost a year now) and we […]

Picture Overload

Get ready for picture overload! I was too tired last Sunday to do a post, and it just didn’t happen during the week. Paul actually took more pictures than I did, which was good. 🙂 The high note two weeks ago was that we were able to finish Joseph’s occupational therapy. He’s met all the […]

I’m Beginning to Sense a Pattern

I’m beginning to sense a pattern. I don’t think we’re in a rut, per se…just choosing to take it easy for a while. This week was another laid-back type of a week. Oh, one cute thing happened on Sunday that I forgot to write about in last week’s blog post: Joseph and I went with […]