A Couple of Especially Hot Days and 16 Years!

Weekly Happenings: Our week started off with a bang…on Sunday night, our AC stopped working. Paul was able to take a couple of days off work to install a window AC in our room (so that we would at least have one cool room to all sleep in since the AC company couldn’t send someone […]

Post-vacation Recovery

Weekly Happenings: We’ve pretty much been in recovery mode since we got home from vacation. Vacation as a child and vacation as a parent are TOTALLY different, haha. We spent most of the week just lazing around the house (well, Paul had to go to work). We had a few play dates to fill up […]

NOT a Picture-less Post

I’m breaking from my normal format here because this post is essentially going to just be a ton of pictures. We just got back from visiting with family and friends in California. We had fun at some amusement parks, ate out (way too much, haha), and had a grand old time. We’re home now and […]