A Few Little Surprises and Some Fun Days

This past week was Freedom Week at the elementary school. There were dress-up days each day, but I think I only got pictures of a couple of the days. There were a few days that I had meetings after school and Abigail was a trooper on the days that I wasn’t able to get someone […]

Getting Closer to Spooky Season

We’re getting to the point in September where I’m just kind of over the heat and start looking forward to what Abigail calls “spooky season”. She takes after me and loves this time of year that starts with Halloween and rounds out after Christmas. It seems like the temperatures are finally taking a dip (albeit […]

Getting Into the Swing of Things

I think we’re slowly getting into the swing of things getting back into our back-to-school routines. I Our first week back, I was exhausted. I was also pulling rather late nights at work; usually not getting home until close to six. This past week, I was able to be home before five every day, and […]