Another Week in the Books

Weekly Happenings: Well, we made it another week! This past week was pretty average. Work, school, and home. Paul did take Friday off because on Saturday he was planning on attending PAX (a gaming convention here in town). Friday he did all of his Saturday stuff, including taking Joseph to get a haircut. Other than […]

The Great Switcheroo

Weekly Happenings: This past week was one of experimentation, of sorts. Abigail had been showing signs of having the same milk protein sensitivity that Joseph had as a baby. We tried giving her different types of formula to see what the results would be, eventually settling on what we figured we would: soy formula. She […]

Our First “Real” Week

Weekly Happenings: Well, we survived our first real week in our new routine (Paul at work, Joseph at school, me taking care of both kids solo during the day, etc). I managed to get Joseph to school on time every day and I even managed to take Abigail grocery shopping by myself. Some fun family things we […]