Summer Fun

We’ve fully entered summer vacation mode. Lazy days, playing in the back yard (when it’s not too hot), and chilling in the house (thank goodness for AC). I’ve managed to switch my piano students to mornings for the summer, so that it leaves the rest of the day to do things. It’s nice not having […]

Vacation-mode: Unlocked

This week was the first full week of summer vacation. We’ve played, we’ve slept, we’ve lazed around the place (it’s been rather warm and the mosquitoes have been crazy)…it’s been nice! One funny story: Abigail was telling me about when we went to the park and she said, “But before we went, you had us […]

A Loooooooong Weekend and Then Some Fun

I mentioned in my last post that Abigail was sick. Well…it took three full days before she was even able to keep anything (even water) down. Luckily, she turned the corner and has recovered. It was pretty dicey there for a bit. We were on the verge of taking her in to see if she […]