Getting Ready for the Boo-fest

This past week was a bit of a whirl-wind. It passed so quickly that I didn’t really take any pictures until the weekend. In his spare time, Paul has been catching rats and field mice in a live trap (our neighbor doesn’t really take care of his backyard, so it’s literally a breeding ground for […]

A Little Bit of Everything

This past week help a little bit of everything. Joseph had his first recital/concert, I got report cards finalized and over half of my parent/teacher conferences taken care of, I got a new student, Abigail started attending the Learning Tree program after school (which makes my schedule sooooo much easier), and Paul? Well, Paul got […]

A Somewhat Celestial Event

I think the highlight of this past week was the annular eclipse. San Antonio was right in the path for seeing the complete “ring of fire”, so all we needed to do was make sure we had our solar glasses and then step out onto our front porch and look up. It was partially cloudy, […]