Spring Vibes

This past week, the weather took a turn. The beginning of the week was like February, but then by the end, it was more like March or April. It even got up to the 80s! We started off the week with a holiday for Paul and the kids (it was a teacher work day for […]

STEM Night and a Cowgirl Showin’ Her Moves

This week was our typical busy week. Valentine’s Day was sandwiched right in the middle of the week. Paul made it special by grilling some really good steaks so that we could have a relaxed dinner at home. Our gifts to each other were food-related (chocolate for me and a variety of smoked meats for […]

One Picture Post

This is the only picture I took this week. Well, I did take other pictures, but they were of my students because of things we were doing at school and even though my students are ridiculously cute, I can’t share pictures of them. I can share a picture of this awesome kid, though. A little […]