Love Day, Baby Antics, and Zoo Fun…Oh My!

Weekly Happenings: This past week was rather fun, for the most part. We celebrated Valentines’ Day (what I affectionately call “Love Day) by getting everyone a little something (we keep it pretty low key and involve the kids, too) and going out to one of our favorite non-fancy places to eat (good food and avoiding the crazy holiday dinner crowds). We also all tried to stay one step ahead of the baby-who-gets-into-everything-and-then-puts-it-in-her-mouth. Yesterday, we decided to head out to the zoo again (have I mentioned that I love having passes?) which both kids loved.

The Weekly Weather: It was pretty much a rinse and repeat of the previous week: literally a little bit of everything.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work and school. He also went to the movies with one of his friends, which was a nice break for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary on my part, either…mainly just keeping up with the kids’ schedules.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed school this week as usual (including getting to pass out valentines to his class). I went to his parent teacher conference and his teacher says he’s doing really well. She’s kept busy with trying to find things that will challenge him and has come up with some really great ideas (some project-based learning and other things) that he enjoys. He loves coming home and playing with Abigail every day, which makes my heart happy.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Unfortunately, her cold made her get an ear infection. I had taken her into the doctor the week prior and they said that one ear had a lot of fluid and the other had some fluid and a lot of wax, but neither looked infected. They had me bring her back in this past Thursday to check and see if they had drained. The one with a lot of fluid had almost completely drained (that was the one the doctor was most worried about), but the other one (which hadn’t looked too bad the previous time) was all sorts of infected. So she’s been on antibiotics for that. Luckily, she has been willing to take her medicine without fighting me (so far…we still have about a week to go with it). She hasn’t really been acting sick, though. As I mentioned before, she has been getting into Some other developmental things I’ve noticed this week: “singing” when she hears music, bouncing along to music playing, and getting excited when she realizes we’re putting Baby Einstein on the TV for her. She’s seen the episodes a lot, so she recognizes them when they come on. She can even recognize when one of her favorite parts of an episode (when the puppets come on and do The Wheels on The Bus, if you’re dying to know, haha) is about to play. I find it rather amusing. 🙂 She also loves pulling herself up next to things (tables, couches, etc.), has even “furniture cruised” a bit, but has yet to figure out how to get out of a standing position without falling (luckily, nine times out of ten, she usually just plops onto her bum, which is thankfully well-padded).

This Week in Pictures:

Piano buddies!
Love note from my sweet boy.
This tunic was in a bag of hand-me-downs from a friend. I thought it was perfect for Valentines’ Day.
Yup…she’s a wild one for sure.
She was crawling around with poor Batman in her mouth…I think it felt good to bite down on it (she’s pushing out her molars right now).
She also would crawl around with this kids’ cup in her mouth…it will be good when those teeth break through!
She loves being able to reach the keys on her own.
With the black bears at the zoo.
In front of the jaguars (who are sitting on the rocks back there…their camouflage is pretty amazing).
These giant tortoises are pretty cool.
They were mostly just lounging around, eating grass.
It sort of reminded me of Ralph (the desert tortoise we had as a pet while I was growing up…he’s still alive, healthy, and happy) on a much larger scale.
Zoo carousel fun.
Hangin’ out with the birds while brother rides the carousel.
She was fussin’ because she got herself wedged in here rather snugly, but as soon as she saw my phone, she smiled, ha.

The 100th Day of School (and other things)

Weekly Happenings: Not too much out of the ordinary happened this past week. We mainly just trucked along.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been typical February weather: a mix of everything, haha.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been kept pretty busy with work, school, and the like. He got to go hang out and play games with some other guys in Elder’s Quorum, so that was a nice break for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been mainly keeping the kids relatively healthy and happy while fighting off quite the allergy attack. It seems to slowly be getting better, but man…

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He got to celebrate the 100th day of school which was a day full of fun, games, music, and the like. Paul made him another Pokémon shirt with 100 different Pokémon on it to wear.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She seems to be on the tail-end of whatever has been bugging her. I ended up taking her into the doctor because she would be fine during the day, but then at night, her temperature would raise a bit. The doctor didn’t really see much amiss other than one ear that had quite a bit of fluid in it. It wasn’t infected, but she wants me to bring Abigail back in this next Thursday to check and make sure it’s draining.

This Week in Pictures:

Paul moved the living room furniture around a bit to give us some more open floor space.
I like it a lot. Abigail does, too. 😉
It’s fun to see these two play together. 🙂
Baby Batgirl!
A close-up of Joseph’s 100th day of school (hence the 100 different Pokémon) shirt.
He was pretty pleased by it.
Getting ready to go out into the chilly weather to go pick up “Buh-buh” (she seems to say that a lot when with Joseph) from school.
She definitely is his shadow at times!
Posing with the bronze Komodo dragon at the zoo. He’s really into pulling faces right now…can you tell? 😉
Now for a “please look at us normally” shot. 🙂

A Fly Away Month

Weekly Happenings: It seems like January just flew by. I could hardly believe it when I saw Valentines’ Day stuff starting to pop up (but here we are and it’s February 4th). We didn’t do too much out of the ordinary other than enjoy the nice weather by going outside (either to the park or to go ride bikes with friends). It was nice to get out of the house and into the sunshine!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been gorgeous! There have been one or two cold days thrown into the mix, but other than that, it’s been warmer, sunny, and breezy. I can hardly believe it!

I came across this on Facebook and couldn’t help but laugh. It rings true!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work, school, church, etc. I forgot to mention it last week, but he installed a new thermostat in our house that will automatically switch from heat to AC depending on what temperature it gets to. It’s so nice not having to worry about switching it back and forth, like we’ve had to do on occasion in the past.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my part…mainly just keeping the kids happy and healthy and making sure the house doesn’t look a total wreck. I did weed both the front and the back yards…and made sure to take plenty of Aleve afterward, haha.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been enjoying school and has especially been enjoying their class pets: two hissing cockroaches and a guinea pig. It’s funny how one of the cockroaches got its name (the other one hasn’t been named yet since they just got it on Friday; the first one they’ve had for a bit over a week). Apparently Joseph’s teacher forgot both her glasses and her contacts at home, so she called her husband to see if he could bring them to her. The kids really loved meeting Mr. Adams. Fast-forward to the end of the day when it was time to name the cockroach: they were listing off name suggestions and were going to vote to find the best name. One of the kids suggested Mr. Adams…guess which name won? Mrs. Adams said that he (the real Mr. Adams) wasn’t quite sure how to take it, haha. The guinea pig’s name is much more conventional: Cocoa. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She had a pretty good start to the week, but then had a bit of a rough ending to it. She picked up something that gave her a fever and then added goopy eyes to the mix. I’m still not sure if it’s allergies or an illness. If it is an illness, it seems to be viral, since she is slowly getting better without needing antibiotics…but it could also have been triggered by allergies. I really don’t know. Hopefully she’ll continue to get better, because she really, really doesn’t like getting her eyes cleaned out.

This Week in Pictures:

She loves hats…and I love the one she chose. 😉 She was trying to take it off when I told her I wanted to take her picture. She then stopped and gave me that grin…Is it possible that she understands? haha
Alas, my phone’s camera doesn’t do it justice, but the sky was super pretty one morning. That white dot is a huge full moon and the clouds were such a pretty shade of pinky-purpley-orange.
Valentines’ Day door decor. I’ve forgotten just how many years ago I made this with stuff from my craft bins.
I added some paper hearts (another thing I made a few years back) to my “rest of the year” decorations.
I found some inexpensive signs to add to the Valentines’ decor a bit. I found these two…
…as well as this one.
I started with a baby in a hat, and I’ll finish with one. 😉 A good friend gave me a bag of clothes her daughter has outgrown and this hat was in there. Abigail automatically tried to get it onto her head and was rather tickled when I put it on for her. 🙂