A Rainy Week

Most of this week was pretty rainy. I guess the almanac was right in saying that May is one of the rainiest months in San Antonio. The main road out of our neighborhood has been washed out twice this week (and is currently still closed). Luckily, there is more than one way to get out […]

Growing So Fast

Joseph seems to be growing up so fast! This past week has been full of reminders that he’s not a little baby any more. He’s beginning to try to exert his opinion about things (telling me he’s not ready for food or a drink by waving his hand at me and telling me “no-no”, or […]

A Week Full of Love and Fun

Before I start my recap for this past week, I need to mention one thing I forgot to write about in my last post: the huge and (almost scary) thunderstorm that we had almost 2 weeks ago now. We were home (thank goodness) and starting to get Joseph ready for bed when it hit. We’ve […]