Daddy’s Day and Some Summer Fun

This last Sunday was Father’s Day, so we celebrated Paul the best way we know how: Cute papers from the kids, steak sandwiches for lunch, gifts, meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner, and chocolate pudding for dessert. The rest of the week flew by, with the help of a few fun things towards the end. […]

A Little Bit of Something

This week, I decided we’d better do a little bit of something to balance out the nothingness that happened last week. 😉 A trip to the zoo was the prefect antidote. We went on Tuesday, because Tuesday was the coolest day of the week. We made sure to go in the morning before the humidity […]

Let the Nothingness Commence

This past week was pretty much an empty week. Paul finished up his isolation and went back to work. The kids and I managed to stay well (yay!) and with it being the first full week of summer vacation, we kind of just puttered around the house. It’s been ridiculously hot and I think that […]