The Great Escape

Not long after I posted all my snow pictures, the power went out. And stayed out. It went out a little after 1:00 in the afternoon and stayed out overnight and well into the next day. We managed to get dinner cooked on the propane camping stove we have and got some light from a […]

Valentine’s SNOW Day?!

We knew snow was in the forecast, but we didn’t realize just how much we’d get. It was bitterly cold yesterday and we got a bit of freezing rain during the day. About 10:00 at night, though…it started to snow and snowed until the early morning hours. We got between 4-6 inches! For your viewing […]

Chilly Temps and Comfort Food For the Win

Weekly Happenings: This week was pretty average. Because of the weather, we’ve kind of just bounced around home and only went out when we needed to. The Weekly Weather: A cold front started moving in mid-week (the worst of it is supposed to be happening today through Monday/Tuesday. We should then start to defrost a […]