We Made It!

It’s officially winter break! The kids had a good last week of school, Abigail lost another tooth, and we went on a lot of walks. 🙂 I also did some fun baking (which is always better than regular baking, haha). I went to book club and a Relief Society cookie exchange, Paul has been busy […]

One More Week!

We now officially have only one week left before Christmas break. It’s just crazy how quickly time has been going. The weather has been all over the place which has made it interesting trying to figure out what to wear every day. We didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary…it was a pretty typical […]

Bring on the Christmas Cheer!

This past week the kids went back to school after a week-long break (Monday was a bit tough for everybody, I think). We kind of just pushed through the week. Last night we went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo. I think Abigail had the most fun. This is the first year that […]