An Almost-All-Text Post

Weekly Happenings: I almost didn’t have any pictures for this post. We haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything out of the ordinary. I jokingly say that we’re basically in survival mode when we have weeks like this one, but in reality, it isn’t far from the truth: we’re just trying to survive the summer, […]

Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: Most of this week, we pretty much just stayed home. It was rather hot (100+ degrees), so I didn’t really feel like doing anything outside. I joke that Texans are opposite of bears: we party during the winter and hibernate during the summer. 😉 Towards the end of the week, though, we did […]

Are We in Survival Mode Yet?

Weekly Happenings: We were kind of in survival mode this week. The weather was hot, there wasn’t much to do (pandemic rules kind of limit outings), and we had some…strong personalities clashing a bit. However, we persevered and ended up having a pretty good week. Paul had Monday off, which was nice. He did have […]