I’m Kinda Done With the Cold

This past week was a mixed bag when it came to the weather. The beginning of the week was typical end of February weather: warmer, sunny, and dry. It even got up to the upper 80s on Monday and Tuesdays. Then on Wednesday, there was an almost-fifty degree drop and all of a sudden, it […]

February Fun

This past week contained Valentines Day. The kids had fun parties, Paul and I were able to go out for lunch, and then Paul also made dinner (he used his smoker to make chicken, baked potatoes, and corn), which was delicious! The rest of the week flew by (it seems like that is a repeating […]

A Nice Respite from the Cold

The weather this past week was much, much nicer than last week. It was cold in the mornings, but would warm up enough in the afternoons that we could shed our sweatshirts. The kids were able to get some outside time (which is good for all involved), I was able to get a lot of […]