An Awesome Lunar Experience

Weekly Happenings: This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to see a “blood moon” lunar eclipse. It was so cool to see how bright it was and then to see the transformation to the full eclipse. Since we knew the next day was a holiday, we let Joseph stay up to see the full eclipse […]

Settling Back In

Weekly Happenings: This past week was rather uneventful. I don’t mind, though, because after the crazy rush of the holidays (which I also love for different reasons), it’s nice to slow back down to normal pace. The Weekly Weather: It’s been a real mix. We have had days that have been sunny and warm, days […]

Back to Reality

Weekly Happenings: This past week held a big dose of reality as we came off of our vacation high. We miss family a lot, but it is good to be home. Joseph got settled back into his school routine, Paul back in his work routine, and me and Abigail back into our “everything else” routine. […]