A Short Week and Some Pumpkin Patch Antics

This last week was kind of a shortened one because Paul didn’t have work on Monday and the kids also didn’t have school (because of Columbus Day). We plugged through the week and then today we drove out to the pumpkin patch for some fall fun. We’ve had a couple good rainstorms move through, which […]

Another Week That Just Flew By

This past week seemed to go by in an eye-blink. It was full of walks, exercising, school, work, errands, piano teaching, cooking, baking, friends, and a spontaneous trip to Buc-ee’s. It went by so fast that I even forgot to do this post yesterday. Enjoy the photos!  

All About Nature This Week

Last Saturday night we had a gecko get into the house. It kept going under the furniture, but with me moving whatever it went under, Paul was able to catch the gecko pretty quickly and get it out. I remember thinking, “Man, I hope that doesn’t happen again!” Well, Monday night, Abigail hopped into the […]