This Week in Pictures

This week I have pretty much laid around, resting my back. I was blessed by several of my friends who brought in meals, came over this week to help me lift Joseph, played with him, and gave me some much needed “adult” time. Paul was also a blessing. He had Monday off because it was […]

Playing Dress-Up

While I have been stuck in bed, Joseph has had a lot of Daddy-Joseph time. I am so grateful that Paul has been able to take care of both me and our sweet little boy. Part of the Daddy-Joseph time today has been a bit of dress-up (Joseph loves to wear our shoes, coats, etc.). […]

Interesting End to the Week

Our week started off great! Joseph continues to amaze us day by day with the new stuff that he’s doing (climbing up on top of the coffee table, plastic bins, etc.) and saying (just last night, Paul said that while Joseph was watching one of his favorite shows, Super Why, which focuses on vocabulary, spelling, […]