Oh, man. This past week was a bit of a beast. The first part of the week, I shadowed the other fifth grade teachers so that I could see different teaching styles and get ideas on how I needed to run lessons. That was extremely helpful! On Thursday, I jumped in with both feet. The […]

A Short Week and the Start of a New Adventure

This past week was a “short” one. We all had Monday off because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We decided to take the kids to Government Canyon, which is a state natural area that is literally just down the road from our subdivision (you exit our subdivision, drive about a mile, and you’re there). […]

A Jumbled January

This past week was just as busy as the one before it. I didn’t even get any pictures taken until Friday and Saturday. I finished up the week with the first grade class I was teaching (their teacher is going to be back on Tuesday after the three-day weekend we’re currently right in the middle […]