Pictures of…Plants :)

This past week I did not take any pictures…at all. No pictures of the kids, nothing. Luckily, Paul took some pictures of some of our plants that we’ve (and I use that “we’ve” very, very loosely…Paul has done everything) been growing. The garlic and potatoes were kind of an experiment. We’ve grown tomatoes every year, […]

Time To Chill!

This week provided a much-needed time to chill for 3/4 of the family (Paul still was working). I did a little bit of work right at the beginning of break (mainly report cards and a bit of lesson planning), but for the most part, I made myself not open my computer. We also had the […]

We Made It!

We finally made it to spring break! Paul is still stuck working, but the rest of us have an entire week off, which is going to be so great! This past week was a busy one. Paul was busy at work because they moved locations from one office space to another. It was a lot […]