A Rather Girly Weekend

The week itself was rather normal. We hung around the house, went grocery shopping, etc. The weekend is where all the action took place. On Friday I took Joseph to the zoo for a couple of hours. This time we focused on the Africa section and Joseph was super excited when we got over to […]

Sayonara Nap time :/

Joseph has decided that nap time is a thing of the past. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but someone flipped a switch in his head and now he has decided that he no longer needs them (and for the most part, he’s fine. He doesn’t really get super-cranky; just run-of-the-mill-average-two-year-old-cranky at times). I think […]

An Adventuresome Week

Paul’s surgery was quite the experience. We dropped Joseph off at a friend’s house and went to the hospital. They got him checked in and then we waited for almost two hours before they called him back. I hung out in the family waiting room until the surgeon came to tell me that the procedure […]