A Bit of an Icky Week

This week started off great. I took Joseph walking with me on Monday, Tuesday we met up at the park with friends in the morning, and then in the afternoon, disaster struck in the form of a fever for Joseph. My first indication that he might not be feeling well was that he didn’t really […]

It’s Finally Fall!

It’s finally fall! We’ve survived another San Antonio summer (well, we got here in the middle of summer last year), lol. The past two days have been really nice weather. It was cool enough for long pants, but no sweaters were needed. I know to expect warm temperatures probably through part of October, but part […]

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Mr. Brown”

Joseph has rediscovered what used to be one of his favorite books, “Mr. Brown Can Moo.” I have had to read it to him probably about 20 times this week. His favorite page, by far, is the one that says, “Boom, boom, boom! Mr. Brown is a wonder! Boom, boom, boom! Mr. Brown makes thunder!” […]