Bring on September!

Weekly Happenings: It’s the last day of August, school has been back in session for a week, and we are on the cusp of the holiday season. I can’t say that I’m sad to see summer go (and I don’t really have to because it’s still going to be hot for a couple more months, […]

Seventeen Years Down

Weekly Happenings: Today is our seventeenth wedding anniversary. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long! I think of all that has happened in the last seventeen years and I am struck with a wave of gratitude for Paul and for the amazing partner he’s been through it all. We went out for dinner yesterday […]

I’m Gonna Melt, Y’all

Weekly Happenings: Well. we’ve survived another week. I’m now convinced that August in Texas is like childbirth. You get through the tough part and then the memory of the pain (or in this case, discomfort, really) fades until the next time you experience it. 😉 The only really noteworthy thing that happened this past week […]