An Entirely New Way of Life

Weekly Happenings: It seriously feels like an entirely new way of life now that Joseph seems to be fully potty-trained. I don’t lug diapers and wipes everywhere and we’re going to probably be saving at least $50 a month at the store. He has gotten so independent in the last few months. He dresses himself, […]

A Huge Step and Yet Another Birthday

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty great. On Monday, Joseph got to have a friend over to play, which was tons of fun. Tuesday we went to Story Time at the library, Wednesday we went grocery shopping, Thursday (which was Paul’s birthday) we had a relaxing day at home and then went out for […]

A Recovery Week

Weekly Happenings: We made this past week a little more low-key to kind of recover from the craziness that was the week before (due to birthday celebrations). Tuesday I took Joseph to Story Time at the library. They do a story and then have crafts for the kids that have to do with a specific […]