Easter Fun (& more)

This week has been pretty great. Joseph has been surprising us left and right. Whether it be by deciding to be a daredevil, or by accessorizing himself…it’s been an adventure. He’s shown us how quickly he can pick up on a new action, as well as how quickly he can blurt out new words (this […]

The Days Just Fly By

This week flew by before I could even really realize it. It’s probably because not too much out of the ordinary happened…we just plugged along as usual. Joseph is really good about playing on his own when I need to get stuff done. One afternoon, after getting him up from his nap, I had to […]

Playtime Fun!

Our week started off with trying a new way to take our walks around the neighborhood. Joseph has a back pack that looks like a puppy (it’s a hand-me-down from Aaron and Tara). It straps on and has a really long tail that acts as a leash. We strapped him into it and decided to […]