My Happy Place

When I was looking through the pictures I took this week, I was struck by just how lucky I am. People talk about finding your happy place and I really feel like I have found my happy place. I love my sweet husband who does so, so much for all of us. I love my […]

Spring Discoveries

We’re at the time of year that I really do love (even if the pollen does make me a bit sneezy). There are pretty flowers, interesting insects (and things that eat insects, haha), and the weather is warm but not yet oppressively hot. We had a decent week. Abigail was fully better, and Paul was […]

Easter 2022

Easter 2022 was pretty great! The kids really enjoyed getting to see what was in their Easter baskets, we got new church clothes for Easter, we went to church, and then when we got home, the kids dyed Easter eggs, and we enjoyed an easy-to-pull-together Easter dinner: a ham slice (browned up in my skillet), […]