Uneventful Week…Crazy Saturday

This week was another pretty uneventful week. The weekend? Well, we’ll get to that. The weather has been pretty warm (high 90s-low/mid 100s), so we haven’t really done too much out of the house. We ventured once to the park (early in the morning), but had to leave before too long because it was getting […]

A Laid-Back Week

This week was a pretty laid-back week. We didn’t really go anywhere or do anything until the weekend (other than grocery shopping and stuff, of course). It was nice to just hang around the house and relax. Joseph found new and exciting ways to use old toys: He also fell back on a favorite past […]

A Myriad of Hats

This has been quite an enlightening week. Joseph has been growing leaps and bounds when it comes to new words and new things that he’s doing. One thing that I don’t care for is that he is perfecting his climbing skills. The rest of the things are pretty cool. He’s getting more interactive with the […]