Howdy, Fall!

Weekly Happenings: Today’s the first day of fall! I love this time of year! Other than that, it was another average week for the books. We did take advantage of today’s cooler temps and went to the zoo today, which was a fun family outing. The Weekly Weather: We have had so much rain this […]

Rainy Cooler Days

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a pretty average one. We basically did our normal things with not too much out of the ordinary. The Weekly Weather: It’s been a smidge cooler and we’ve had quite a bit of rain. It almost feels like fall. 😉 What Paul’s Been Up To: There hasn’t been too […]

Another Birthday in the Books

Weekly Happenings: This past week contained both Joseph’s actual birthday and his birthday party. In between was a regular week. 😉 On Joseph’s actual birthday, we took the kids to this place called Main Event that has casual dining and then a bunch of arcade-like games. Both kids had a blast. Then for his birthday […]