Giving Thanks and Getting Ready for Christmas

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty fun. At the beginning of the week, we did our normal stuff, but towards the end of the week we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving (some friends of ours came over and we celebrated together) as well as get the Christmas stuff out. Paul had both Thursday and […]

Imaginations Galore!

Weekly Happenings: Most of this past week was spent in imaginative play. Joseph pretended to be so many different things. It was really fun to see his brain working, incorporating things he has learned into something he wants to be or do. There were a few times we went to the park to play, and […]

Family Fun

Weekly Happenings: This past week was pretty great. We did our normal stuff (story time, park play dates, etc.) but also had a couple of days where we got to do some fun stuff. One day was Wednesday. Because it was Veterans’ Day, Paul had the day off, so we went to the zoo as […]