Looking at It Through Their Eyes

Weekly Happenings: I have discovered that holidays as a parent is completely different than holidays as a child. Of course, there is the aspect of planning out everything, but if I take a moment to slow down and view it through my children’s eyes, I can really see the magic. Abigail insists on turning on […]

We’re Getting Closer!

Weekly Happenings: It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away. We’ve mostly been just chilling around the house and relaxing. Today we decided to hop over to the zoo since the weather was great for it. The Weekly Weather: It started off warm, but we had a cold front move in […]

Park Fun

Weekly Happenings: The weather this past week was rather mild, so we took full advantage. On Tuesday, I didn’t have piano students, so after school I took the kids to the park. We were there for almost two hours and the kids had a blast. Then, on Thursday morning, I took Abigail back for a […]