Thanksgiving Break and a Little Christmas Cheer

The kids had all of this last week off from school which was a nice break. Joseph lost yet another tooth (the Tooth Fairy is feeling a bit ragged at this point, haha), we went on walks, and we just relaxed around the house. Thanksgiving was nice because we invited a friend of Paul’s to […]

One Week Closer to My Favorite Time Of Year!

We’re one week closer to my favorite time of year! I love the week leading into Thanksgiving (the fact that the kids have the entire week doesn’t hurt, either) and all of the preparation for getting the house all decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This last week was rather chill. I think the […]

What a Week!

Our week got off to a bit of a rocky start. Abigail was complaining of a “sore stomach”on Sunday morning, but I wasn’t sure what was going on quite yet. Right before church, I felt her forehead and she was really hot. 🙁 She stayed home with Paul while I took Joseph to church. In […]