Feeling a Bit…Antsy

Well, we’ve finally reached it. The point of the summer where I just feel…antsy. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’Well, we’ve finally reached it. The point of the summer where I just feel…antsy. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the absence of a solid schedule, maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the combo of both…and I think it’s a bit worse this time around because I, well, I really want to get into my classroom and get it set up for the new school year. I keep telling myself the time will pass quickly enough and that my future-self will think my past-self was crazy for wanting to be back at it all, but until then, I have to find ways to fight the antsy-ness. I took the kids to a couple different places, I tried to lose myself in the beauty of summer as I watered the plants, and I bought a new book. It’s been helping a bit.

I love using “found” things in unexpected ways. I bought some “fancy” milk (it was in a glass container). When I went to drop it into the recycling, I stopped and said, “Hey, this would make a really cute flower vase.” So I turned it into a flower vase. I also took some of the flowers from the bouquet, trimmed their stems really short, and put them into another found vase: an old spice container. It’s fun!
Friends invited us to go bowling with them. We had the bumpers up, which was a good thing, since neither of the kids have ever been.
Abigail would stagger up to the line while holding the ball in both hands and then just kind of…lob it down the lane. She actually managed to get a strike once. 🙂
I zoomed in a ton to get a close-up of this anole that was hanging out on the water hose in the back yard. 🙂
This was a fun discovery (that Joseph pointed out). My purse apparently glows in the dark!
Teeny baby pumpkin!
I love all the curly vines and the flowers…not sure if the tomato plant likes them very well, haha.
As you can see, the pumpkin has decided to move right on in.
I love this back yard. Paul has worked so hard to keep it looking this nice.
I also love this tree (and the shade it provides). It’s crazy to think that 11 years ago, it was just a sapling.
I was surprised by this flower spike. I mean, I know that all plants flower, but I had no idea what the flowers for these leafy plants would look like. Now I know! They’re teeny purple flowers.
Abigail was excited to get a cat as a toy from McDonald’s, but she was confused about its face. I explained to her that it was actually a flerken (from Captain Marvel) and that it used its tentacles (which are usually hiding inside its mouth) to get the bad guys. She thought that was hilarious.
I went to Target for bins and a mirror for my classroom and ended up also getting some comfy floor cushions that I think will also be a good addition.
I also got a fun accent pillow (which will be good to give me a bit of extra back support) for my classroom chair.
Can you spot the three baby pumpkins? One’s towards the bottom center of the picture, one is almost in the center, and the third is almost at the very top.
She wanted to help water, but didn’t want to get her pant legs (or her sleeves) wet. I love this little girl!
What’s this, you say? It’s what I have been using as “temporary” storage for extra pantry items. You know, just until I found something that worked better…it’s been years, y’all.
Then I found this! I was scrolling through Facebook and there was an ad for Amazon with this on it. The drawers slide out and it’s metal, so it’s sturdy enough to put some things on top.
By adding that little set of shelves, I was able to even tidy the rest of my pantry better (because there was enough room for one or two other things that were on the bigger shelves). During that tidying process, I discovered freshly hatched weevils in my grits (yuck), but luckily, since the grits were in a glass jar (I’m guessing the contamination was localized, since I had just gotten a fresh container and had dumped it right into the jar I keep them in), they didn’t spread to anything else. And we hadn’t eaten any of the grits yet, either. It did make me look at what was still in cardboard containers though, and the next day I went out and purchased a few more containers (and fresh grits, haha). Blech. I hate bugs.
I was uploading pictures and heard rumblings…then I heard…RAIN!
It’s been a while since it’s rained. We’ve needed this so, so bad. My grass and plants are going to be so happy!

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